MSc in Astrophysics @ UAM

UAM teachers:

All professors of the astrophysics group are internationally recognized experts in the subjects taught within the Master. They further form part of national and international projects and have a long standing history of teaching competence. They have not only trained numerous MSc (and PhD) students, but also actively engage in undergraduate teaching and public outreach. Here we list their main research interests.

Ascasibar, Yago

dark matter, galaxy formation and evolution, astrostatistics and data analysis

Cerdeno, David

astro-particle physics, dark matter

Ceverino, Daniel

galaxy formation and evolution, computational astrophysics

Cui, Weiguang

galaxy formation and evolution, galaxy clusters, computational astrophysics

Diaz, Angeles

nebular abundances, chemical evolution, emission line galaxies, galaxy evolution, stellar populations

Dominguez Tenreiro, Rosa

galaxy formation, chemical evolution, cosmology

Gonzalez Perez, Violeta

galaxy formation, semi-analytical modelling, cosmology

Knebe, Alexander

computational cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, alternative cosmologies, the local universe

Ospina, Nataly

stellar structure and evolution, nuclear physics

Meeus, Gwendolyn

star and planet formation, proto-planetary disks, infra-red astronomy, astrochemistry, astromineralogy

Sánchez Conde, Miguel A.

dark matter, gamma rays, astroparticle physics, cosmology

Yepes, Gustavo

cosmology, galaxy clusters, large-scale structure of the universe, the local universe

external teachers:

We benefit from the active astronomy & astrophysics environment in the greater area of Madrid, and some modular parts of our courses are being taught by renown local experts in the fields.