MSc in Astrophysics @ UAM

Applicants who already have obtained a “grado” or the “licenciatura” in Physics at a Spanish University do not have to take additional training courses.


For students who are in possession of a “grado” or the “licenciatura” in Chemistry or Mathematics obtained at a Spanish University (or who have an equivalent international title of a foreign university) additional training courses outside of the Master will be established. The same holds for students with a higher engineering degree (e.g. aeronautics/aerospace, Civil and Territorial, Materials, roads, canals and ports, industrial technologies, Energy, Chemistry, shipping, Naval and Oceanica, Telecommunication or Geomatics and Topography).

International students are more than welcome and encouraged to apply to enter the Master program!

To enroll in the postgraduate program of the UAM, please consult the official pages!

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