Research Projects for Students

If you are interested in pursueing some research with me, please feel free to have a look at the list of possible projects and simply get in touch...


PhD students
Robert Mostoghiu (2020): MultiDark Galaxy Clusters
Doris Stoppacher (2018): Semi-Analytical Galaxy Formation
Santiago Avila (2016): HALOgen
Arianna Di Cintio (2014): constrained local universe simulations
Edoardo Carlesi (2014): coupled dark matter-dark energy simulations
Claudio Llinares (2010): MONDian cosmology
Kristin Warnick (2009): dynamics of satellite galaxies
Steffen Knollmann (2009): AHF
Stuart Gill (2005): those infamous backsplash galaxies

MSc students
Jose Ortuno Macias (2017): crystal clear clusters
Alejandro Guerrero (2016): simulations of planet formation
Jose Luis Bernal (2015): dark energy and the expanding universe
Juan Biel (2014): merger rates
Fernando Campos (2014): AHF-2
Pedro Alonso Pilicio (2012): gravitational lensing
Timur Doumler (2009): AMIGA
Bastian Arnold (2007): WDM cosmologies

BSc students
Francisco Robledo (2018): radial alignment of subhaloes
Ignacio Hernandez-Ros (2017): computational cosmology
Beatriz Sevilla (2017): multidark galaxies
Alvaro Gonzalez (2017): cosmic carnage
Diana Hidalgo (2016): computational cosmology
Julia Martinez (2016): cosmic carnage
Robert Mostoghiu (2015): computational cosmology
Alejandro Alvarez (2015): gravitational lensing
Jose Luis Bernal (2014): haloes in voids

For more details I refer the interested reader to the sciencec case of either the AMIGA or the MOND project.


Frazer Pearce: Mocking Astrophysics
Noam Libeskind: the cosmic web
Chris Power: SSimPL
Gustavo Yepes: CLUES
Stefan Gottloeber: CLUES
Francisco Prada: MultiDark
Rosa Dominguez Tenreiro: galaxy formation
Brad Gibson: satellite galaxies in dark matter halos
Yehuda Hoffman: the nature of dark matter haloes