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AMIGA is a code for simulations of cosmic structure formation incorporating dark matter as well as magneto-hydrodynamics.

If you are looking for AHF

please go its own web site

amiga-v0.0.tgz always the latest beta version
(please check the BUILT parameter in src/param.h to verify if you are up-to-date...)
Sample.tgz some LCDM sample simulations
(not needed, but very useful...)

If you are looking for the MONDian version of AMIGA described in Llinares, Knebe & Zhao (2008) please download amiga-MOND.tgz.

If you are going to use AMIGA or AHF, please register. This is the only way to inform you about bug fixes and other improvements, respectively.

Further note that there is a Google group AHFusers where your problem may have been discussed and solved already...

Last modified: 20/02/2012 (BUILT 353: check changelog.txt for details)