nIFTy Cosmology:

numerical  simulations for large surveys


Please note that the format of the program for all three weeks follows the spirit of our previous meetings and hence there will be no scientific talks scheduled. The prime objective is to work on the data provided and generated during the week(s), respectively. Results will be discussed and written up in the form of peer-reviewed publications already during the workshop!

Week #1 (30/06-04/07) - nIFTy clusters:

  1. welcome presentation (incl. practical information)

  1. talks

  1. clusternifty2014 wiki : the best source for information about projects & progress!

  1. cluster comparison project (coordinated by G. Yepes):

              code                                 representative

  1. AREPO                             E. Puchwein

  2. CART                                D. Nagai/K. Nelson

  3. GADGET2X                      S. Kay

  4. GADGET-Magneticum      A. Saro

  5. GADGET-OWLS               I. McCarthy

  6. GADGETX                        G. Murante/S. Borgani

  7. CHANGA                          C. Brook

  8. HYDRA                             R. Thacker

  9. SPHS                                C. Power

        Data: we will use a (small) selection of the MUSIC clusters whose the initial conditions can be found here.